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[Raya Exclusive] FAZ x PENAN Gift Bag (Medium 2.0)

RM 129.90

Our new gift bag represents a special collaboration with the Penan community of Sarawak. Handcrafted by Penan women, each purchase directly supports their children’s education and family expenses. By choosing this bag, you’re not just giving a gift, but also making a meaningful contribution to their lives. 

Items in the Gift Bag

1 unit x Small Handmade Penan Gift Bag (Assorted Colours & Design) 

3 boxes x Faz Cookies

    (Original, Cranberry , Chia Seed Chocolate Chips Cookies)

1 sachet x Faz Arabica Drip Coffee

1 unit x Kurma 250g

1 unit x Greeting Tag 


1. Bag & Mini sejadah are in assorted colors and designs.

2. If you have a greeting for the receiver, pls include it on the remarks box.