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Cookies & Coffee Gift Box - Faz Chocolate Chip Cookies (90g) with 2 sachets of Drip Coffee

RM 29.90

Cookies - Our home-baked quality Chocolate Chip Cookies is our signature product, each cookie is baked with attention, love and passion.

Coffee – Drip Sachet is a Premium Filter Coffee that is crafted with freshly roasted premium Arabic beans sourced from Central Aceh and North Sumatera. The beans are grounded to the right grind size to match the type of filter bag used for perfect extraction, smooth and pleasant after taste coffee. Freshly roasted Arabica ground coffee packed in an organic filter bag and sealed into a convenient sachet for you to brew.

Packing size : Faz Chocolate Chips Cookies 90g - Original/Chia Seed/Cranberry (2 x 45g) + 2 sachets of Faz Drip Coffee, premium arabica beans. 

Current cookies availability: Faz Chia Seed Chocolate Chips only. 

Halal certified product.